On May 31, 2024, between 12.00 and 13.00 o’clock, Grandparents for Climate groups in Europe will be ‘Whistle Blowers’ in front of their respective parliaments and in several major cities. The message will be a call to fellow citizens to “Wake up! Vote for future generations!” in the elections for the European Parliament to be held 6 – 9 June.

“As ‘Whistle Blowers’ we are convinced of the critical importance of these elections. Europe is a factor of great significance on the world stage and essentially a guide for further climate action in the world”, says Godela von Kirchbach, co-chair in European Grandparents for Climate, and continues:
“A mobilization of voters with a heart for the future generations is necessary to ensure that the new Parliament will continue the positive steps taken by the previous Parliament to fight climate change and preserve biodiversity – and to fend off attempts to dilute the protective measures already agreed upon. Our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren deserve no less.”

The action will be carried out in European countries from Austria to Scandinavia,  all of them with the importance of climate for future generations as a leading theme. Groups will be present in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland.

The co-chairs are available for interviews: info@grandparentsforclimate.eu