“We’ve never been more determined to save the planet than right now”

For a sustainable and just future


The European Grandparents for Climate is an NGO, whose members are national organizations of senior citizens who fight for climate justice. We have joined forces on the European level in order to increase the efficacy of our political reach, to coordinate European campaigns and learn from each other, and to encourage the European Parliament to pursue climate-friendly policies. 

For this, we promote a system change in Europe, based upon the full implementation of the Green Deal. Only a drastic transition towards a sustainable and just society will help avoid a future catastrophe. For the next legislative period we want to see a Green Deal 2 developed. 

We, the older generation in Europe, are jointly a strong force. We represent more than 21 % of the European population and voting power and we have considerable economic power. We want to use this potential in order to fight against our climate crisis as well as for the future of young generations. 

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