“Should the EP introduce the concept of the crime of ecocide into European law?”  “Should the EP make a regulatory pause in the implementation of the Green Deal?”

We sent out a questionnaire with these two and five other questions to the presidents of all factions of the European Parliament back in early spring. The questionnaire was designed by our working group on the European elections.

Only the Greens/EFA and the LEFT groups have answered our questions … this week. Their positions are completely aligned and climate friendly throughout, albeit with a somewhat different reasoning. That can be read up in their comments. We are happy about their unequivocal support for climate and environmental protection.

You can read the answers and comments of
– The Greens/EFA political group here
– The LEFT political group here

Why the other party groups did not answer is open to speculation. Maybe they did not think us worthy of an answer, which would be regrettable since we are concerned citizens and deserve to know. Or they may not want to clarify their positions on climate policies. In any case, we regret  their unwillingness because we think that climate protection should be a priority for the new European Parliament and thus to all voters. Without it there is no liveable future for the coming generations.