Our first common action as European Grandparents for Climate took place on May 31. We blew whistles at noon in front of national parliaments and in other public places as a wake-up call for the European Elections.

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By Graham Keen, member of the EGC working group on Communication

Looking for positive news about climate change, I came across a podcast series of the BBC about ways people are make a difference: People Fixing the World. Regularly these podcasts are about initiatives to address climate change or the environment. Listen and be inspired.

Just a few examples in Europe:

Board games fixing the world
New board games with a social purpose are designed to enable understanding complex problems like climate change, to help resolve disputes and to find creative answers.

The future of wind power
There are lots of innovative new ways people are harnessing the power of the wind. A floating wind farm off the coast of Scotland has turbines for street lamps. And how much power can giant kites generate ?

The plastic eaters
A company is using enzymes to break plastic down into its chemical building blocks, which can then be used to make high quality plastic again.