Our Kids’Climate is an international organization “UNITING TO PROTECT THE KIDS WE LOVE FROM THE CLIMATE CRISIS”.

Our Kids’ Climate believes all children today and tomorrow should inherit a healthy planet and just world, rooted in renewable energy and built through intergenerational solidarity.

They aim to catalyse, support and enable effective strategies to advance bold and diverse climate action through a parent, intergenerational, and family friendly lens.

“We work to build the strength and capacity of the growing parent and intergenerational movement worldwide.”

We received the following announcement. Perhaps a bit late or even too late for this subsidy round, but good to follow-up.

“I wanted to let you know that the Climate Parent Fellowship is now open for new applications – and we’d love to receive applications from grandparents, so wanted to let those in the European Grandparents for Climate network know, in case you wanted to apply, or know someone who might be interested. 

The Fellowship is a year-long program for organizers carrying out intergenerational and family-centered climate engagement work. 

Over the past two years, the Fellowship has supported 27 organizers from 19 countries across the globe to develop and grow their projects, organizations, campaigns, and strategies. 

Fellows receive training, mentorship, and a stipend, which aims to make their climate organizing work more sustainable. The Fellowship also acts as a peer-to-peer learning network.

You can find our more and apply here: Climate Parent Fellowship – ourkidsclimate.org

The deadline for applications is Friday 22 September 2023.  Our Microgrants program is also still open for applications. These are small grants for specific projects. The deadline for microgrants is 15th September 2023 – and you can apply here. Intergenerational Climate Microgrants – ourkidsclimate.org