Photo: European Grandparents for Climate meet MEP’s at the European Parliament in Brussels – 30-11-2023.

By Eva Riemer

Predictions of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) thinktank see the European Parliament moving toward the right following 2024 elections.

Most right-wing parties are sceptical about or opposed to the Green Deal, and therefore the upcoming EU election will be crucial.

“The current EU is already lagging behind its own climate targets. The new EU parliament must speed up on climate action – for the sake of the next generations”,  say Godela von Kirchbach and Jan Stel, chairpersons of the European Grandparents for Climate (EGC).

The EGC will push for the new parliament to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050 and ensure climate justice across generations and borders.

We will:

  • Encourage grandparents in all member states to vote for candidates who can clearly state how they will promote the green transition in the new parliament.
  • Hold the newly elected MEPs to their promises and actions and push for the new parliament to adopt and implement a Green Deal version 2 as soon as possible.

An EGC working group is spearheading this project and will soon come out with a tool kit to inspire all EGC members to mobilize grandparents in all member states to vote for pro climate candidates.