Our first common action as European Grandparents for Climate took place on May 31. We blew whistles at noon in front of national parliaments and in other public places as a wake-up call for the European Elections.

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By Eva Riemer

The declaration was a result of the Climate Chance Europe 2024 Wallonia Summit which took place in Liège in February 2024 under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The summit gathered nearly 1,000 participants from more than 20 countries.

As European Grandparents for Climate we did not actually participate in the summit but decided to sign the declaration afterwards, thus joining the nearly 100 NGOs having signed the declaration, initiated by Climate Chance. It shows a collective commitment for adapting to the challenges posed by climate change. It is a call to action, rooted in the spirit of the European Green Deal, encouraging co-operation, resilience and shared responsibility for the well-being of the local communities and the planet.

The key messages will be conveyed to the European institutions with a view to a renewed and strengthened Green Deal after 2024.

The declaration is still open to signature.

Read the full declaration document here.