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Countdown: May 31 at noon, grandparents and seniors throughout Europe will blow their whistles for better climate policies








Nr. 3. Sunday 26 May

Five days before the whistle blow action, we can announce that it will take place in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Bern, Vienna and perhaps others will join. With this action Grandparents and Seniors for Climate draw attention to the importance of voting for the EU Parliament on 6-9 June … and to vote for more adequate climate policies.

In the meantime flyers and bookmarks with the same message are distributed all over Europe. Local and regional groups are joining the campaign and spread the message on markets. In the Netherlands, a representative of Grandparents for Climate will participate in a public television talk show.

Nr 2. Wednesday 15 May

USE YOUR VOTE in the EU parliament Elections – BUT HOW to choose?

In many countries, there are voting advice applications, in different forms and under different names. Most of these are trying to match the voter’s opinion with the political party programmes.

But what counts at the end is the VOTING BEHAVIOUR of political parties and as far as the EU Parliament is concerned, also that of the political groups they are belonging to.

The EU Parliament Scoreboard is a great tool to help you choose. Several big environmental and climate organizations analysed the voting behaviour of political groups in the EU Parliament for the period 2019-2023, and of all individual parties, country by country.

You can see the results in your own language, and you can see what a specific party from your country voted on a specific subject.

With the possible outcome of the Elections in June, let the voting behaviour of your country’s MEPs be a wake-up call to make a good choice.

Tilman Voss of the Austrian Grandparents for Future summarised this wake-up call in the following graph with data about the different political groups in the European Parliament. It speaks for itself!

Nr. 1 – Thursday 9 May

The climate crisis has to be a key issue in the European election campaign. Therefore European Grandparents for Climate is pulling out all the stops.

On 31 May at noon, European Grandparents will demonstrate before the houses of parliament throughout Europe and blow their whistles. As far as we know yet, this will be the case in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, and at least one city in Germany. Other cities will follow.

In our member countries local, regional and national groups are informing the public about the urgent need for better climate policies throughout Europe. And they are preparing actions before and around the 31st of May. Flyers will be distributed, pointing at the importance of the EU Parliament for the development of good climate policies in all EU countries; grandchildren write letters about these issues to their grandparents in the Netherlands and Germany.

Have a look at our special EU-2024 Election page by pushing the button here or on our home page. There, you will find the actions as planned by our member organizations, as well as our campaigning materials and how to use these. Credits to a volunteer of our Flemish member organization Grootouders voor het Klimaat for developing the page, thank you Marc.

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