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By Omas for future

“Vote Europe – for Democracy and climate protection”: „Omas for Future“ call on their Generation 50+ grandparents to vote in the EU elections with a letter to grandparents.

Every vote counts: The European elections will take place on 9 June in Germany. But never before the vote has  been so important as it is now. The aim is to help shape the future course of European environmental and climate policy and to protect fundamental social and democratic values. The EU election will therefore play a key role in deciding how we will live in the future. The elections are held every five years. A total of 96 German MEPs out of 720 parliamentarians will be sent to Strasbourg and Brussels.

All EU citizens aged 16 and over can vote. The youngest therefore have no vote, while older citizens have a say in their future with their cross on the ballot paper.

“We grandparents in particular have a great responsibility. After all, our 50+ generation makes up around half of all eligible voters and 45 per cent of all people in Germany,” emphasises Omas for Future founder Cordula Weimann. Since 2019, she and her movement have been campaigning for a worth living future for the younger generations.

In order to raise awareness about the importance of this year’s EU elections, Omas for Future are now addressing their age group with an unusual letter – written by Lina, ten years old, to her grandparents. The letter will be distributed by post, at information stands, at demonstrations, among friends and acquaintances.

The Future Quiz of Omas for Future shows what everyone can do for a future worth living.

About us

Omas for Future was founded in Leipzig in 2019 for the 50+ generation. The movement currently includes over 80 regional groups in Germany as well as active members in Austria and the Netherlands. The Omas for Future campaign for climate, environment, women’s empowerment and democracy and use the Future Quiz, among other things, to show what everyone can do in everyday life to a future worth living.