Our first common action as European Grandparents for Climate took place on May 31. We blew whistles at noon in front of national parliaments and in other public places as a wake-up call for the European Elections.

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by Graham Keen (Grands-Parents pour le Climat – Belgique)

5.12.23 – World leaders have for the first time promised to tackle the huge responsibility that food and agriculture have in climate change. More than 130 countries signed up to a declaration about food, on the second day of the UN climate summit COP28. Food contributes a third of the warming gases increasing global temperatures. Leaders including King Charles told COP28 that time was running out to tackle climate change. The Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Action has been welcomed by many experts and charities who say it is long overdue. Countries that have signed up represent 5.7bn people and 75% of all emissions from global food production and consumption.

1.12.23 – Agreement on farming and food at COP28. On the second day of the COP28 summit, for the first time, countries have pledged to integrate food and agriculture into their plans to tackle climate change – acknowledging the link between farming and global warming. In what’s been called ‘climate quitting’, young people are leaving their jobs because they disapprove of their employers on climate grounds – often to work for environmental groups. Read more

30.11.23 – Poor countries win fight for climate cash at COP28. In a surprise that has lit up COP28, delegates have agreed to launch a long-awaited fund to pay for damage from climate-driven storms and drought. Such deals are normally sealed last minute after days of negotiations. COP28 president Sultan al-Jaber shook up the meeting by bringing the decision to the floor on day one. The EU, UK, US and others immediately announced contributions totalling around $400m for poor countries reeling from the impacts of climate change. Read more

UAE pledges USD 200m to help low-income and vulnerable countries fight climate change. UAE pledges USD$ 200 million to help climate resilience in vulnerable countries. COP28 President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, said: “The UAE is delighted to announce our SDR commitment to the IMF Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST). We are committed to supporting those countries and communities who have often contributed most to climate change but are impacted the most.” Read more