Stop waiting!

The climate magazine for all those waiting.

People often don’t find the time in their daily lives to tackle the climate crisis. Often they don’t even know where to start. The issue can seem vast and complex.

With our waiting room magazine, we break down the climate crisis into interesting and concrete topics and make the information available where people have time: In the waiting room of a doctor’s or therapist’s surgery, at the hairdresser’s, in a café, or on the train. Whether it’s biodiversity, road building or recipes, we work with a wide range of climate and environmental groups to provide a rich selection of content. This is how we reach people outside our usual contacts.

The fourth issue of our magazine focuses on the great crisis of species extinction. Once again, we have found many authors from the various for Future groups who have written crisp, short, solution- and action-oriented articles. It can be found here and you can also order a print version via the order page.

Genug Gewartet – Das Klimamagazin